I work with ambitious and mindfully curious professionals who pivot between loving their career to feeling stuck and unhappy. 

Some days my clients at the top of their game; other times, they feel stressed out and anxious. They are filled with apprehension and find themselves struggling to connect with their inner guidance. They are often seeking to level up, out, or they may want to reignite the spark they once had for their profession. I help them rethink, reboot and reinvent their careers, mindfully.

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Jill Griffin

Jill Griffin, Mindful Career Coach and Business Strategist

I’m in the solutions business. I’ve mentored start-ups to double their sales in less than one year.

But it all starts with our thoughts. Whatever we think will show up in our results. I’ve helped entrepreneurs, companies, and the world’s largest brands set a vision, create a plan, and examine the thoughts that will drive action and create results.  

It’s nothing short of life-changing to understand that what you do is ultimately driven by what you think. It’s my mission to be a vessel for healing. I can teach you the tools that have changed my life. I’d love to show you how.

The root cause of every problem is always our thinking.

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The Raving Reviews


I had the pleasure of meeting Jill while in transition between “successes” looking for my next gig. We immediately connected and knew I wanted her in my corner. She is a beautiful person and unbelievably helpful in navigating life professionally and personally. Her expertise in business, her life experiences, along with her compassionate human approach, make Jill someone easy to connect with and relate to. She can help anyone navigate life ahead – Krisanne Fiorita, Client