Are You Successful, Ambitious, yet Unfulfilled?

Exhausted. Stuck. Not miserable...well, but maybe you actually are miserable? Are you staying in the game, performing but wondering what's missing? Do you feel like you need a really long vacation so you can catch your breath and a nap?  

Do you need a reboot to spark your career and realign your goals? Or is it time to try on new concepts and alternative ideas to help you get back your buoyancy and flow?
Here's the thing. There are no geographical solutions. When we don't get to the root cause of what's going on, we just recreate the same experiences and feelings in the next opportunity. Trust me, I know from experience. And I can help you find the way out.  

My Experience

I have over 20 years of experience leading teams, building brands, hacking growth, and driving success. I've also spent the last 10 years coaching and mentoring sales, technology, health, fitness, and nutrition entrepreneurs while they built their businesses. 
I'll share my unique point-of-view from working around all sides-of-the-table--media agency, brand, creative agency, publisher, media company, start-up, and now run my own consultancy. 
I'll teach you what I've learned along the way: how to remain fluid, know when to shift and reinvent and the most important is to keep your mind fresh. It's nothing short of life-changing to understand that what you do is ultimately driven by what you think. 


My Approach

Whether you are feeling stuck or just need a reset I'll help you focus, set a vision, and make a plan.


Together, we will:


Get a clear understanding of where you've been and set the vision for where you want to go next.


Your thinking creates everything in your life and that's excellent news. We'll develop your own mind management practice.


Your roadmap to secure your next opportunity.


Your actions and steps to become a high-performance individual and get the results you want.

I’ve been there and I am excited that I now get to lead and encourage others as they embark on their (re) invention journey. Get ready to have your mind blown when you embark on this simple and effective process. 



 Be the example of what's possible.

Strategic Coaching & Career Consulting

I help clients with the evolution of their careers.  Together we unravel old thought patterns, retell the career story, and develop an action plan.


Future-proof yourself and learn the new fundamentals required for today's workplace. Together we'll review your situation, uplevel your mindset, clarify your core values, drive action and create results.  We'll also review and update your social media profiles and establish your professional persona. We'll then tackle your resume and ensure you are well positioned for today's competitive marketplace.


Navigating the terrain of your career journey requires support, guidance, and a skilled mentor who's been there. Understanding today's complex and matrix work environment takes experience and a delicate hand.  I'll mentor you through your current work opportunities, guide you through negotiations and collaborations, and ensure you are well prepared for that next opportunity. 


Navigating the progression of your career alone can be tricky. Together we will set goals, (re) tell your story, address any limiting beliefs, and support the exciting transition onto your next career move.

Ready to take the next step?